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Strengthen your brain instantly, scientifically, and naturally with Mendi Brain enhancement training.

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This is Mendi

Mendi is the world’s first brain enhancement device for home use.

  • Easy to use, headset and app
  • Fun training app, controlled by your brain
  • Unlimited sessions, one click to start
  • Can (and should) be used by everyone
Reduce your brain's energy waste, improve your brain function

Frequent Migraines

Easily stressed

Difficulty staying focused

Quickly forget things

Low energy

Understand your Brain’s Weaknesses

Your brain consists of advanced networks and connections. It is wired to create and select pathways automatically, helping you function without needing to make hundreds of decisions every second. Unfortunately, your brain will also develop negative pathways.

For some people, negative pathways may present as clear symptoms or even diagnoses. This, for example, may result in the brain triggering stress or anxiety in a non-threatening situation or easily losing focus. For others, they may not be so noticeable yet.

Unfortunately, all negative brain pathways grow with time if they are not taken care of. These can lead to mental illness or physical health problems.

What is sure is that everyone will benefit from learning to control their brain activity.

Learn to Control your Brain

Just like the muscles in your body, your brain can be trained. The more you train, the more you can learn to control your brain activity and reach new heights in brain performance.

Neuroplasticity is the ability to change your brain. By training and learning to control your brain, you can create new pathways that allow for more mental flexibility and higher function.

With Mendi, advanced sensors measure brain activity. Your brain activity is then visualized in an easy to use application. By training with Mendi, you learn to control your brain and achieve greater neuroplasticity.

A Proven Method

CEOs, Artists, Athletes and NASA pilots have been using brain enhancement training to improve health and cognitive abilities for years. The fundamental skill that differentiates top performers is their ability to control their brain activity, which help them shift between mental states.

People often pay $15 000 or more for professional brain enhancement training called Neurofeedback, to improve health and performance, over a limited number of sessions. As the only true brain enhancement device for consumers, purchasing Mendi means you can now perform Neurofeedback for a fraction of the price, training for as many sessions as you like, from the comfort of your home.

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Why You Should be using Mendi


Health starts with the brain. In many ways training the brain is more important than training the body.

The brain affects every part of the body, so a healthy brain means better physical wellbeing. There is virtually no limit to the number of areas that can be improved by strengthening the brain.


A well functioning brain is key to high performance. Brain enhancement training is used by many individuals and organisations to take their performance to higher levels, including:

CEOs & Entrepreneurs
Race Car Drivers
U.S. Special Forces

Mental Wellbeing

Your brain function is essential to your mental wellbeing. Brain enhancement training is being used every day in clinics and research for individuals experiencing:

Sleep difficulties
Memory problems

Train the Brain, Not the Mind

When improving mental function, most traditional methods (excluding drugs) such as meditation, therapy, and mind games, focus on training the mind - to try to strengthen the brain. While it is possible to make some improvements to your brain by training your mind, it is significantly more effective to train your brain directly.

Mind Games

(Puzzles, Sudokus etc.)

Time Efficient
Cost Effective
Unlimited Usage
100% Natural
No Side Effects
True Brain Training
See your Brain Activity
Improve your symptoms, performance & overall health


What do real people have to say about Mendi:


star star star star star

Mendi is currently being tested by a large group of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds. Soon you will get to hear their life changing experiences. Stay tuned!



star star star star star

Mendi is currently being tested by a large group of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds. Soon you will get to hear their life changing experiences. Stay tuned!



star star star star star

Mendi is currently being tested by a large group of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds. Soon you will get to hear their life changing experiences. Stay tuned!

New York

In the press

What the experts have to say about Neurofeedback Brain Enhancement Training:

“Based on substantial neurological research, neurofeedback promises to make you more effective at learning how to control your own brain to minimize distraction or stay in a productive state of flow.” READ MORE
“The principle of neurofeedback is very simple. If you have a feedback about your cerebral activity, you are able to learn gradually to control this very activity.” READ MORE
“Neurofeedback aims to be more precise than current therapies. It directly targets the brain dysfunctions and emotional and cognitive processes that are understood to underlie psychiatric disorders.“ READ MORE
“Patients with severe anxiety or ADHD are using neurofeedback instead of medications to change their brainwaves and help their conditions.” READ MORE
“Neurofeedback has shown to be a clinically effective, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment method for a host of stress related health challenges: anxiety disorders, depression, migraines, fibromyalgia, ADD, and dyslexia, to name a few.” READ MORE
Adapt your brain to function better in today’s fast paced society

How it Works


A fun game-like training app for your smartphone that connects to your headset.


The game's input is the brain signal itself. By controlling the game you are successfully controlling and enhancing your brain.


With just 10-15 mins training, 2-3 times per week, you can make major changes.


Unlimited sessions that can be performed from the comfort of your own home, at any time.

A stronger brain can make anything possible

The Mendi Story

We all have brain-related weaknesses. Shouldn’t we able to enhance them? What if we could train our brains just like we train our bodies?

From a curiosity in brain enhancement, Mendi founders Sammy and Rickard got into professional brain enhancement training. Both felt it should not be limited to high income individuals who are able to pay thousands of dollars for a few sessions.

With their strong engineering background, they decided to take the challenge of creating a simple and affordable brain enhancing device that can be used by anyone. From this Mendi was born.

The team has since grown and has been joined by researchers and doctors, to designers and hardware experts. Their common goal is to make brain enhancement accessible for everyone. The Mendi journey has just begun…

Get your Mendi now!

  • Experience your brain at its best
  • Natural & risk free
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